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How will you differentiate to realise the opportunity?

  • What profile is needed at launch to deliver a sustainably differentiated, reimbursable, commercially valuable product?
  • What drives differentiation with different customer groups?
  • What target promotional claims are required at launch to support differentiation?
  • What data is required to support these claims?
  • What is the profile required for a commercially viable companion diagnostic?
  • How should the claims generated be used optimally & consistently in the market place to establish a strongly differentiated position?


What is the medical marketing rationale/business case for the opportunity?

  • What are the strategic drivers, opportunities, challenges, threats & risks from a medical marketing perspective? How do these vary by region?

What are the key competitors & why?

  • What are the main competitors from a mechanistic and/or disease segment perspective?

  • What is known about their profiles and development plan?

  • What is the level of threat from each competitor?

  • How are the competitors differentiated?

  • What impact will the competition have on the future treatment landscape?


Is your strategy valid?

  • Does it meet the current/future needs of all customer groups: KOLs, clinicians, payers, patients?