Client Testimonials

‘I worked with Geoff on a number of quick turn-around inlicensing evaluations. I was impressed by how quickly Geoff was able to provide a succinct strategic analysis of the potential positioning of the assets in the context of evolving clinical practice and the competitor environment, the differentiation needed, and the key challenges/barriers to delivering commercial success, through delivery of high quality outputs.’ VP Global Marketing, Major Pharma, May 2013

‘Geoff was instrumental in helping me shape a range of market research projects with various customer groups to ensure that the key questions are fully addressed and the outputs robust. His strength has also been translating the customer insights gained into strategic actions, for example by leading cross-functional development teams to agree the target product profile required to differentiate versus the future competition and meet customer needs.’ Global Business Analyst, Major Pharma, April 2013

‘Geoff has an extensive oncology knowledge base and is especially recognised for his expertise in breast, prostate and haematological cancers. However, the greatest value of working with Geoff was his ability to maintain a bigger picture, strategic view, often quickly finding the ‘irritatingly good questions’ that need to be addressed when evaluating a new asset or developing a business case. Geoff always has creative ideas to help solve issues or present complex data and ideas to stakeholders and his outputs are always top quality.’ Global Brand Strategy Director, Major Pharma, June 2013

‘It’s been a real pleasure to have worked with Geoff over the past 6 years. I’ve always been struck by how well Geoff has worked with project teams to move them towards landing on the right commercial and payer hurdles for TPPs; he’s always been on top of the external competitive environment and has a great memory for recalling all the facts and figures. He’s also been a champion for other functions and helped land the Patient Related Outcomes and Health Economic claims and raise the efficacy hurdles so that we target a truly compelling and differentiated brand at launch, rather than a mildly inferior me-too. He’s incredibly collaborative and diligent – does what he says he’s going to do, which is great!’ Global Payer Evidence Director, Major Pharma, June 2013