Key Questions


Which market opportunity should you target and why?

Analysis of current/future clinical practice & marketplace, characterisation of unmet needs, opportunities & strategic drivers

What are the key competitors & why? How are they differentiated? What is the level of threat?

Competitor information, analysis & intelligence

How will you differentiate to realise the opportunity? How will you win?

Development of future-proof differentiation strategy, customer-focused target opportunity profiles, target product profiles, target product claims and promotional strategy

What is the medical marketing rationale/business case for the opportunity? 

Developing/shaping medical marketing elements of business cases Internal projects, in/out-licensing, new business pitches, grant applications

Is your strategy valid? 

Validation of strategy and generation of insight with customers: Key opinion leaders, clinicians, payers and patients

How do you optimise communication of the benefits of your product?

Development of scientific, medical and marketing communications to meet the needs of customers & optimise differentiated positioning

How should you tailor your strategy by region?

Tailoring of medical marketing strategy to address the needs of different regions: US, Europe, Japan, and emerging markets, including China