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Disease Area

Which market opportunity should you target and why?

  • What is current clinical practice?
  • What are the current unmet needs?
  • How is clinical practice likely to evolve?
  • Which market events will most impact the future?
  • What different future scenarios exist?
  • Where is the commercial opportunity for a new drug asset?
  • What profile is required to meet customer need?
  • How will a new product fit into/change clinical practice?
  • What are the strategic drivers for success, risks and mitigations?

What are the key competitors & why? How are they differentiated? What is the level of threat?

Analysis of current/future clinical practice & marketplace, characterisation of unmet needs, opportunities & strategic drivers

  • What are the main competitors from a mechanistic and/or disease segment perspective?
  • What is known about their profiles and development plan?
  • What is the level of threat from each competitor? How are the competitors differentiated?
  • What impact will the competition have on the future treatment landscape?
  • Which competitor companies represent the highest threat in a disease/disease segment?