Curriculum Vitae


AstraZeneca (Oncology) 2006-2012

Global Medical Affairs Leader

Led commercial input to disease area and project development strategy
Led creation of differentiated customer foresight driven disease area and brand specific
Target Product Profiles and Target Product Claims
Led activities to validate strategy with KOLs and payers (ad boards)
Shaping of clinician, payer  & patient market research
Input to business case development for key investment decisions
Led congress activities (booth content/activities)
Inlicensing evaluation
Analysis of current & future market & competitor landscape
Led competitive intelligence activities
KOL network across breast and urological cancers
Specialised in breast cancer, urology (prostate/ bladder), haematological cancers
Broad experience including gastric, NSCLC, GIST, ovarian, H&N, renal



AstraZeneca : Support of ZOLADEX & ARIMIDEX 2011-2012

Global Medical Affairs Leader

Claims/ material development
Market support/medical information
Creation of ‘New News’


Thomson ACUMED  (GI/pain/RA/OA) 2004-2006

Scientific Director

Strategic/ scientific input to communications programmes pre/post launch: IONSYS, ZELNORM, ENABLEX, PREXIGE


GlaxoSmithKline (GI, analgesia, anaesthesia/critical care) 1992-2004

Director of GI/Pain & Anaesthesia Clinical

Development/Medical Affairs

Global regulatory submissions/defence

Led design and delivery of communications activities pre/post launch
Led creation and delivery of global clinical development strategy, including LCM/ISS programmes
Led validation of medical affairs activities with global markets
Led global medical marketing activities