geoFish joins MediWales and Bionow

          bionow logogeoFish is now a member of MediWales, the Welsh Life Sciences Forum – the networking and representative body for the sector, and Bionow, an organisation that supports business growth, competitiveness and innovation within the biomedical and life science sectors across Northern England.logo mediwales geoFish services are ideally suited for the biotech sector, offering the following key services/capabilities, founded on broad therapeutic area expertise:

          Developing line of sight to the customer

          Developing a clear line of sight between emerging science or products and the market opportunity, through development of future-proof, differentiated target product profiles and claims based on a thorough understanding of evolving clinical practice, the competitor environment and customer insight on future unmet need.

          How can this help you? Linking the science to a validated future unmet need and potential commercial opportunity is a critical foundation for any product development, providing a clear signpost for the right development activities. This can strengthen venture capital applications and can be key in facilitating discussions with major pharma on partnering/out-licensing opportunities

          Competitive intelligence and analysis

          How can this help you? Gaining an understanding of how the competitor landscape is evolving, how this could impact the future marketing environment for a new/existing product, and how the current/future competitor threat can be mitigated against, is key to placing the opportunity for any product in the right future context.

          Multidisciplinary virtual network

          geoFish also has an extensive virtual network of independent, high-calibre experts in the areas of epidemiology, business analysis/insight, pricing and market access/reimbursement, forecasting, market research and strategic marketing, that can be brought in, as required,

          How can this help you? This gives the potential for cost-effective access to a highly experienced full global marketing team to support key development milestones/activities.

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