Hello, I am Geoff Fisher, the Director and founder of geoFish

I am passionate about customers and my offerings are centred around helping develop robust strategy, tactics, and  communications for drug development and medical  marketing activities that deliver high value to patients, clinicians, payers and regulators. My diverse product/service offering reflects the breadth and depth of my expertise and experience base that spans over 20 years in major pharma.

I have a unique blend of experience across senior global roles in clinical development, medical affairs/marketing, and communications in major pharma, spanning all phases of development from pre-clinical to post-marketing, covering a range of therapy areas, including oncology, anaesthesia/analgesia and gastroenterology. My experience has been very much from a global perspective covering North America, Europe, Japan and emerging markets such as China.

I am an accomplished leader of global cross-functional teams, having an innate strategic focus, and strong emphasis on delivery, founded on robust commercial/business savvy. I also have the ability to rapidly analyse complex new information/data, to identify and communicate the medical marketing factors that will have the most impact on the development or marketing of your projects or products, including opportunities, challenges and threats.

During the last 5 years in Global Marketing at AstraZeneca, I have led the definition and validation of customer insight driven opportunities for new therapies in the future market to direct  the strategy for early oncology disease areas and projects, matching the science to the unmet need and the areas of highest commercial value. During this time I have developed good understanding of a wide range of tumour types with particular specialisation in breast, urological and haematological cancers. I have also been the Global Medical Affairs Leader on several major brands in breast and prostate cancer (Arimidex, Zoladex), ensuring high quality medical support for the continued commercialisation of these brands across the global AstraZeneca marketing companies.

I also have substantive experience in the anaesthesia/analgesia and intensive care arenas, having held significant leadership roles in the development and launch/commercialisation of Tracrium, Mivacurium, Nimbex and Ultiva  during my time at GlaxoSmithkline.

My approach is to firstly thoroughly understand my clients needs and  discuss and agree the services/products that I can offer alone, or in conjunction with my extensive network that covers a range of expertise and capabilities. I work closely with clients throughout the entire delivery process, to ensure high quality output that fully meets expectations and timelines.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like further information.